Accompanying persons

Accompanying persons

Thank you to the accompanying persons to respect the following instructions:

  • It is forbidden for any vehicle that is not part of the organization to follow a competitor during the bike course, under penalty of disqualification of the competitor.
  • For the courses S-1200, M-2200 and XL-3800: traffic cut off in both directions on the communal road between the chief town of Montgellafrey (mid-course refreshment of the Montgellafrey bike climb) and the ” High ” bike park sector (T2) / Arrival at Saint-François-Longchamp 1650.
    • The access to Saint-François-Longchamp 1650 will therefore be impossible by the road used by the cycling course. It will be necessary for the following cars to take the main road of the Col de la Madeleine (D213) from La Chambre.
  • For the M-2200 and XL-3800 routes: traffic cut off in both directions on the communal road between the Col du Chaussy and the hamlet of Bonvillard in Montaimont, i.e. in the descent of the Col du Chaussy.
    • The following cars will not be able to follow the runners in the loop of the Lacets of Montvernier and the Col du Chaussy.
    • In the same way, it is forbidden for a following car to follow the runners in the Montvernier bends, on pain of the runner being disqualified.

You will find below the access map for the accompanying persons:

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