Sanitary protocole

Presentation of the Covid-19 protocol:

You can download the sanitary protocole set for the Madeleine’s Triathlon 2021 in Covid-19’s context. It will be updated soon for the 2022 edition according to the evolution of the situation.

As a reminder : the Sanitary Pass consists in the presentation (on paper or on a digital format) of one of those 3 proofs :

  • All the vaccin injections done (you have to be 7 days after your second injection for the vaccin with two injections)
  • OR – The proof of a negative test (PCR, antigénique or on your own test supervised) of less than 72 hours
  • OR – The positif result of an RT-PCR test or of an antigénique test attesting of the healing of Covid-19, from at least 11 days and of less than 6 months.

You can find all the informations on the sanitary pass on the Government’s website, sanitary pass’s page.

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