Triathlon Size S-1200

August, Saturday 20th of 2022
10:00 pm

From 30€ to 40 €


1200m D+

130m D+

Triathlon Size S – 1200

What awaits you


The swim will take place in Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne’s lake and will be 700m long.

You can see the swim course right here:


The cycling part will begin at the bottom of the valley and finish in Saint-François Longchamp 1650, going by the hard climb of Montgellafrey: 20k including 12k of climbing for 1200m of D+.

  • From Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne, follow La Chambre, by the D76A (3,5k)
  • Going in La Chambre, take a left following Montgellafrey by the D76.
  • Serious business starts then with the cross of Notre-Dame-du-Cruet, you’re on for 12k of ascent and 1100m of elevation!
  • The cross of Montgellafrey, which marks the half of the ascent, with a water point
  • Finish in Saint-François-Longchamp 1650’s resort, second transition in front of the balneotherapy center!

You can see the bike course right here or on Trace de Trail:


The run leg offers you a 5k with 130m of D+. You have to repeat 4,5 times a loop, which the M Size and the XL Size are also going on:

  • Start of the Run from the T2 Bike Park located in front of the Balneo !
  • You will pass near the DZ-Hélico before going up in the direction of the small wooden bridge that will lead you to the Plan Mollaret shopping area.
  • Go down along the snow front to the bottom of the Place de la Madeleine.
  • Go up towards the Tourist Office and the Balneo to do your second loop.
  • You will cross the finish line during your second loop which will be located near the Tourist Office !

You’re on your own to count the number of loops you did!

You can see the run course on Trace de Trail:

Practical informations

TIME AND PLACE OF START 10:00 am at Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne’s lake on Saturday, August 20th of 2022
PLACE OF FINISH Saint-François-Longchamp
LENGHTS700m of swimming, at Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne’s lake
20k of biking (1200m of D+) from Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne to Saint François Longchamp by the hard climb of Montgellafrey!
5k of running (130m of D+) in Saint François Longchamp’s resort, in 4,5 loops
TYPE OF RACE AND AGE INDIVIDUAL: from Cadet (born in 2006 or before)
RELAY (2 or 3 participants): from the Benjamin’s age group (born in 2010 or before)
TIME LIMITS A time limit is set at 1:30 pm at the second transition so after 3h30 of racing. All those that haven’t finished the bike course by this time will be put out of the race and won’t be able to run.
REFUELLINGS– End of the swim: water point
– Notre-Dame-du-Cruet: water point
– Montgellafrey: water point
– Start of the run and of every loop: full refuelling
– Finish line: full refuelling

Reminder: you must have your own cup and no cups will be given on the refuellings.
BIBS’S PICK UP – Friday, August 19 from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the Saint-François-Longchamp’s tourism office
– Saturday, August 20 from 06:30 am to 09:00 am at the Saint-François-Longchamp’s tourism office

There are no registrations on site.
REGISTRATIONS FEES50 first bibs at 30 €
50 following bibs at 35 €
All the other ones at 40 €
AWARDS4:00 pm at Saint-François-Longchamp’s arrival
BAGGAGE ROOM This service is not available this year.
PICKING UP OF YOUR CYCLING STUFF You’ll be able to access the bike transition number 2 area at the moment the last participant finishes his bike part.
WARNING: for obvious reasons of steal and confusion, it will be MANDATORY to be in possession of your bib or your bracelet to pick your stuff up.
SWIMMING STUFFSince the bike course isn’t a loop, this triathlon has the particularity of having two transition areas:
– The low one at Saint-Rémy-de-Maurienne (T1)
– The high one at Saint-François-Longchamp (T2)

The organisation will give the racers a big plastic bag with their bib number on. In the first transition area, all racers must:
– Put all their swimming and pre-race stuff in this plastic bag.
– Close the bag
– Put this bag in the big case corresponding to his bib number at the exit of the transition area.

The organisation will take those stuff to the finish line, but ONLY the ones with a good conditioner. Racers will be able to have them back after the race nearby the second transition area at Saint-François-Longchamp.

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